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virtual clinic

Virtual clinic is a comprehensive artificial intelligence system for medical care and the patient-doctor relationship. It provides the patient with the easiest ways to search for the right doctor and book an appointment to detect an online examination procedure, knowledge of medical prescriptions, follow-up, etc., which saves a lot of effort and time for the patient and the doctor

virtual clinic

We have gone through a lot of events and developments and a change in many standards, and it has become necessary to keep pace with that development, so it was able to harness artificial intelligence technology to make a breakthrough in the medical field and provide all doctors and medical institutions with the virtual clinic system

Who can use the virtual clinic?
Artificial intelligence technology has facilitated a lot of difficulties for us, especially in the medical field, where every doctor has the possibility in the virtual clinic, regardless of his location or specialization, so he can reach his patient at any time and under any circumstance.
Hospitals and medical institutions have also become the right to own their own virtual system and highlight their brand and leave a strong print in the medical field


What are the characteristics of the virtual clinic? 
The virtual clinic provides the patient with all possible facilities to receive the best health care service from his home. Where: The system gives the patient the following characteristics Registration of the patient in the system
- Finding the right doctor for the case Reservation and scheduling 
- Insurance Department 
- Online visit 
- Obtaining prescriptions and care records Multiple Payment Methods 
- Follow-up Department 
- Discharge Summary 
- Patient educational resources


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How does the doctor benefit from the virtual clinic? 
After the time and effort that you will save and the guarantee of unparalleled prevention, wakeb will make you keep pace with progress and develop more in your work, as artificial intelligence technology allows you to reach the most accurate diagnosis of the situation through computer vision that monitors all bodily movements and expressions, measures and analyzes them and provides an illustrated report containing: All the data that will help you provide a high quality care service


Features and characteristics that the doctor obtains:
Because of the ease of use of the system and the provision of multiple features, the doctor can:
- Coordination and scheduling of appointments 
- Patient management Management advice Pharmacy Reports 
- Department of laboratories and radiology Video chat platform 
- Smart notification 
- Organized Reports

The advantages that the patient gets from the virtual clinic: 
ensures your patients the highest level of comfort and care during the virtual clinic. You will save your patients, such as the elderly, those with chronic diseases or those who reside in another town, the obstacle of coming to visit the doctor. You will also apply the conditions of social distancing without causing any harm, and become the closest hospital to the patient in his mobile device.
Providing the best medical service, proper diagnosis and comprehensive patient care.


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virtual clinic