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Automotive AI Solutions for car maintenance services

Automotive AI solutions Gives the greatest benefit to all sectors of car services and maintenance thanks to artificial intelligence technology, computer vision and many different tools and digital technologies that seek to achieve digital transformation and a smart future

Automotive AI Solutions for car maintenance services

Automotive AI Solution gives the greatest possible benefit to all sectors of car service and maintenance Thanks to Artificial Intelligence Technology, computer vision, and many different tools that seek to achieve digital transformation    

This article deals with the importance of enabling artificial intelligence in the automotive service and maintenance sector through Automotive AI Solutions via surveillance camera systems and Drones.


 What is the Automotive AI solution?
It is a comprehensive artificial intelligence system that is linked to the solution and  surveillance cameras and drones. It monitors car plates and identifies vehicle data through its plate number and saves all data in a database of the system And the ability to identify the car when it is detected again through the plate data that already registered

Which provides a lot of facilities for workers in the car services sector. We also provide smart integration between the license plate recognition system and the answer chat bot to provide ease in communicating with customers through the WhatsApp application and other communication applications


How does the system facilitate your work ?  

1- Allows the customer to share his location to inquire about the nearest available branches


 2-The system determines, through the cameras in the branches, if there any 

available places and the waiting times for each car 


3-The system selects the nearest available branch and sends it to the customer via WhatsApp      


4-Using the smart integration between the system and the chat bot to send a welcome message to the customer  5-After that The invoices are sent to the customer via WhatsApp

6-Messages are also sent to remind the customer of receiving the car or the stage in which the car is in maintenance 


7-Sending alerts and promotions to customers through WhatsApp

For More information you can visit Mujib chatbot to know more about our service 

Features offered by the system:   

  • Easily get to know customers
  • Keeping all customer data in a strong secure database
  • Automate communication with customers via WhatsApp
  • Strong competitive Advantage
  • special customer experience
  • Digital Transformation Support
  • Data analysis and management
  • Easy Communication

We can also customize other systems and software after studying and analyzing the conditions and requirements of your business to achieve the greatest possible benefit and take advantage of artificial intelligence technology to achieve an excellent service with the least time, effort and cost

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Automotive AI Solutions for car maintenance services