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License Plate Recognition System

license plate recognition for Comprehensive cars' monitoring and control by linking the system with security cameras using artificial intelligence technology which provides a lot of facilities in varies fields.

License Plate Recognition System

Artificial intelligence technology has helped us develop and advance our business through powerful data analytics systems and has made it easier for us in our personal and business lives through modern technologies, homes, phones and smart cars.

Its support has not stopped so far, but rather spreads and spreads in different branches and fields.

This article deals with the importance of artificial intelligence by linking it to security cameras that produced License plate recognition system , As it fully controls the gates of public or private places and allows the passage of authorized cars to enter, which ensure security and privacy.


  • How does the LPR  system work?

The system works through security camera systems, as it makes the camera recognize the data of the cars by reading the car plates and knowing their information, then the entry permits are reviewed with the database registered in the system and accordingly the entry is approved, rejected and reported.


  • What are the advantages of the LPR system?

1)Ease of installing the system on any gates and any entrances, while ensuring speed in implementation 

2) Determine the vehicle's license plate and review its entry permits
3) Identification of people at gates to track their entry permit via face/identification system 

4) Customize the system control panel and access the system from any web or mobile interface 

5) Access to logs and playback of video recordings in different time periods 

6) Supporting the issuance of special entry permits for visitors and cars through the smart WhatsApp transponder system 

7) Support to control more than one gate connected together through the system


You can also operate and control the system and access operating data using the web or mobile interfacewhich facilitates the use of the system  


  • Integration with WhatsApp Chatbot Where you can easily issue entry permits through the WhatsApp application or any other chat bot by entering data Vehicle and license plate information
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Through artificial intelligence technology, the car's smart entrance system is the most appropriate solution to control the gates and increase the feeling of safety and comfort..

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License Plate Recognition System