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AI solutions in Business Managment

AI solutions in Business Managment

Artificial intelligence is one of the key rules underlying the technology industry at the moment, and AI seeks to access...

calendar 2022-02-22
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AI in Human Resource Managment

AI in Human Resource Managment

The recruitment portal provided by Wakeb includes many specifications through which the recruitment process can be facil...

calendar 2022-01-16
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Artificial Intelligence Software for

Artificial Intelligence Software for Drones

We Design, Manufacture, Integrate and Sell Intelligent Systems Integrated with Ground and Air Remote Controlled Drones F...

calendar 2021-11-21
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CRM and WhatsApp Integration solution

CRM and WhatsApp Integration solutions for all companies

Take advantage of the ease and convenience of WhatsApp communication and enable sales and support teams to respond to pr...

calendar 2021-11-21
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Automotive AI Solutions for car maint

Automotive AI Solutions for car maintenance services

Automotive AI solutions Gives the greatest benefit to all sectors of car services and maintenance thanks to artificial i...

calendar 2021-11-21
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Artificial intelligence uses in custo

Artificial intelligence uses in customer services

Mujib chatbot Automated chatbot system that communicates with you automatically. The chatbot is linked to artificial int...

calendar 2021-09-02
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