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Wakeb solutions in Marketing and Adve

Wakeb solutions in Marketing and Advertising

To keep up in the field of marketing and advertising We help marketers reach the right audience at the right time and pl...

calendar 2021-12-13
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Idea Management System

Idea Management System

In order to ensure the importance of the great role of all employees and employees of any entity we offer you the system...

calendar 2021-12-05
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With the high demand of visitors to institutions and companies throughout the day, the process of managing and organizin...

calendar 2021-12-05
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Artificial Intelligence Software for

Artificial Intelligence Software for Drones

We Design, Manufacture, Integrate and Sell Intelligent Systems Integrated with Ground and Air Remote Controlled Drones F...

calendar 2021-11-21
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CRM and WhatsApp Integration solution

CRM and WhatsApp Integration solutions for all companies

Take advantage of the ease and convenience of WhatsApp communication and enable sales and support teams to respond to pr...

calendar 2021-11-21
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Automotive AI Solutions for car maint

Automotive AI Solutions for car maintenance services

Automotive AI solutions Gives the greatest benefit to all sectors of car services and maintenance thanks to artificial i...

calendar 2021-11-21
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